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     The cleaning team from Hampton Hill Carpet Cleaning Services impressed so much I've already booked them in for another job.
Claude R19/05/2020
     Quality office cleaning professionals! One of the best! They give free estimates and stand behind their work.
Lynne Brooks20/09/2019
     I have to confess that I didn't have the highest expectations of HamptonHillCarpetCleaners, I actually hired them because they were cheap and I figured it was worth giving it a go. Turns out my low expectations were completely unfounded, because the team have been absolutely fantastic. They are very skilled, and work incredibly hard, and it's still super cheap, so I really can't see me ever go anywhere else, they're been exceptional and a great bargain.
Julia Preston10/06/2019
     Their cleaners went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was left happy. HamptonHillCarpetCleaners are true professionals and provided a top service.
Charles K.20/11/2017
     Booked a one-off clean with Hampton Hill Cleaner. I must say, they surpassed all my expectations. I didn't expect much in terms of quality for such a low price, but they left my entire home in a pristine state. Will recommend to others for sure!
S. Chambers28/10/2016
     I hired HamptonHillCarpetCleaners for the first time just a couple of days ago. I own some antique upholstery and spilled coffee all over it. Since I know just how sensitive this kind of upholstery can be, I thought that calling for the service of a professional cleaning company would be the best option for me. And it truly was because the contractor that came to my home from this company was so, so amazing! He even helped me with advice on how to maintain the upholstery clean and good looking too!
Mirabelle 17/03/2015
     My new house was not in the cleanest of states as the people I bought it from left in a bit of a hurry. I didn't have the cleaning products I needed to give it a thorough and proper clean from top to bottom and I needed help from professional house cleaners. HamptonHillCarpetCleaners were able to come to my new house that very day and the cleaners they sent had a trolley filled with all sorts of cleaning products. They got everything clean and the place was so much nicer by the time they had finished.
     Being what you could call a typical bloke, I have to admit having a house cleaner was not something I ever thought I would end up doing. But after listening to one of my mates go on about how good his house cleaner was I was persuaded to give it a try myself because, to be honest, sometimes I just can't be bothered doing the all the cleaning stuff especially after a hard day's graft. Anyway, the cleaner that arrived was fantastic, so friendly and helpful first of all and she cleans things I didn't even realise could be cleaned! Seriously, even if you haven't thought of it before, I would certainly consider hiring a cleaner from HamptonHillCarpetCleaners because they're very good.
Martin M.13/08/2014
     I am my grandmas regular carer and I visit her every day and give her home a thorough clean on a weekly basis, I was offered the opportunity to go on holiday with friends and it was something I very much wanted to do but kept thinking of my Nan and wondered if it would ever be possible. Thanks to HamptonHillCarpetCleaners and the help of friends it became a reality, the cleaners took care of the cleaning and close friends took care of the rest, at least I know I can rely on this company should I ever get the opportunity to go on holiday in the future, thanks!
Miles H.08/05/2014

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